HoloLens Applications

What is HoloLens?

HoloLens 2 is the last mixed reality headset developped by Microsoft. Equipped with the device, the user can visualize contextualized holograms in real life. Mobile, HoloLens 2 can also interface with the technologies of Azure Cloud to multiply the possibilities of use.

Microsoft Certified, CONSEIL 3D accompanies you in the discovery and industrialization of this technology: tailor-made development, Dynamics 365 integration, Azure services, and training.



Immerse yourself in MR and view holograms in high resolution.


Adapt it to your head with a dial and lift the visor easily.


Interact with holograms using voice commands, gestures and iris recognition.


Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the wireless headset has a battery life of 3 hours.


Connect to the Azure Cloud and take advantage of its capabilities.


Enjoy optimal power for applications pushing the limits of your creativity.

Our articles on HoloLens

With Hololens 2, mixed reality is finally ready for industrial deployment

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There is something new in the world of mixed reality! After several years of waiting, Microsoft has finally unveiled its Hololens 2 headset at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The first testimonials live from the show are very positive. Hololens 2 was improved in every way compared to the first version...

Testing and getting started with HoloLens 2

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The HoloLens 2 have arrived before the holidays in our premises, and, after being able to discover his abilities by carrying out a first project, we wanted to share with you the main developments that we have noticed compared to HoloLens 1.

Use case of HoloLens 2

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Airbus became the 1st European group to join forces with Microsoft on technology HoloLens 2 (HL2). In order to ensure the relevance and benefits of this technology, Airbus has defined several hundred use cases...