Augmented Reality Applications

Enrich your field of vision

Superimpose3D or 2D information on the real! The advent of even more efficient smartphones and tablets and the arrival of mixed reality glasses, like HoloLens and Apple soon, foster the democratization of this technology.

Digitize your procedures for optimized interventions!

CONSEIL 3D accompanies you in the realization of your tailor-made projects and of theintegration of Dynamics 365 for HoloLens and Vuforia solutions.


Guide a technician during maintenance intervention

Display information on real equipment: procedures, product sheets, checklists...

Put a 3D object in the real in order to anticipate and identify any problems

Superimpose their IoT data on real equipment

Affichage d'une maquette 3d d'un batiment avec un casque HoloLens en collaboration grâce à la puissance de Azure Remote Rendering

Work collaboratively: your users interact around an object on any surface

Virtual Reality Applications

Immersion to impact your users

Simulate realistic situations precisely ! Your users become actors of the experience, they interact in a natural way close to the real world. The cognitive impact promotes a better information retention . Intuitive , mobile and autonomous , virtual reality headsets adapt to all types of situations .


Train in the realization of technical gestures

Train safely in dangerous situations difficult to set up in the field

View a 3D model from every angle

Validate the design of a product and its ergonomics

Immerse your audience in your universe