Boccard / BIM Viewer

HoloLens 3D mockup for design

This application allows you to view in 3d the BIM model the Jules Horowitz nuclear research reactor (RJH) developed by the CEA.

The model provides general information on the RJH, in order to help low-tech people to discover and understand the project .

The main ones technical elements are represented: swimming pool, tank, steam generator, etc. It is also possible to view with a high level of detail a building room integrating: Piping, pumps, valves, mounting plates, etc.

This solution must raise awareness among partners of the Boccard company on the complexity of piping networks in nuclear power plants . The solution is compatible with the helmet Microsoft HoloLens which allows a visualization of the elements to scale 1 .

The use of 3d is relevant for impart knowledge in the frame industrial applications .