Microsoft Azure Cloud

Unlock the potential of your applications

The Cloud consists of using computer servers via a network, for example the Internet. This possibility increases the potential of your applications.

Store your data securely on Microsoft Azure cloud and enjoy its advanced technologies!

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Azure Spatial Anchors

An application can use the service Azure Spatial Anchors (ASA), which provides access to servers centralizing anchors between multiple devices.

Azure Remote Rendering

Azure Remote Rendering performs the 3D rendering on a cloud server. Display capabilities let then visualize complex CAD or more realistic lighting effects.

Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft uses Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning within Azure Cognitive Services (ACS), grouping into two categories:

  • Conversational (Speech-To-Text, speech recognition, LIUS, Chatbot, real-time translation, TTS)
  • Visual (facial and object recognition, form recognition)

Azure IoT

Azure offers a series of services for IoT, including IoT Hub which centralizes the device registration and the data management in storage servers searchable with PowerBI or PowerApp .