27 November 2019

Use case of HoloLens 2

Airbus became the 1st European group to join forces with Microsoft on technology HoloLens 2 (HL2). In order to ensure the relevance and benefits of this technology, Airbus has defined several hundred use cases for which the use of HL2 is relevant. These use cases constitute strong arguments to attract companies and convince them to invest in mixed reality (MR). By offering reliable technology and incorporating improvements that were lacking in HoloLens v1, Microsoft is demonstrating that MR offers many possibilities for companies .

Let’s find out together how the use of HL2 can optimize your business processes in the design , the design , the training , the maintenance and the marketing .

I- HL2 for design and conception

HL2 is more than a technology, it is a tool at the service of companies. During the design phase of a product, it is used to validate the design upstream of an object or the plans of a structure. If a company has several workgroups spread over different sites, HL2 can create a virtual meeting room in which all employees can interact and follow in real time the evolution of a project. This feature offers great flexibility and an freedom of creation thorough. Downtime between decisions and modifications is reduced, which increases efficiency. HL2 is also the capacity for your teams to preview a project at different scales without resorting to a physical model. It is used to validate the feasibility of a design and its integration into the production chain, while making it more fluid. The probability of a human error is decreased by increasing the number of returns and checks on the progress of your project, the quality of your products improves de facto.

For Airbus, the MR allows a 80% time saving for the development of a new design . The company imagines being able to reduce production time by 30% of its planes, while reducing costs . The manufacturer hopes to build 20,000 planes in 20 years against 10,000 in 40 years currently.

II- HL2 for training

Airbus wishes train staff flight attendant and his mechanics with HL2. Indeed, HL2 is an educational tool for your future employees. The MR supports the immersion of the learner in his future workspace. In faithfully reproducing a situation , an operation or a procedure, HL2 condenses the know-how to reproduce them in a fun and interactive way . The learner can safely understand his future profession, new equipment or a new workplace. He can be wrong as much as he wants without consequence and without risk to put themselves in danger. This has a positive impact on stress and cognitive load of employees who will be more confident in their new environment. The number of errors or accidents are reduced , which has a direct impact on production costs.

HL2 is the possibility for the company to train its staff without having to mobilize expensive equipment or even without the learner having to travel. HL2 can simulate real situations impossible to reproduce in conventional training. Simulating exceptional situations or special conditions makes training more effective. HL2 has the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct one or more elements, it brings a varied point of view on the same situation. It allows a better understanding and analysis of situations . The HL2 can be connect to a server or LMS to promote learning monitoring . The employee will have all the cards in hand to succeed in his training. It can even extend the use of HL2s in the field during maintenance operations.

III- HL2 for maintenance

Carrying out maintenance operations requires great rigor and precise knowledge of procedures . C3D is already working in the energy sector and offers solutions to assist technicians in the field. Indeed, the objective is to support the technician during risky or complicated interventions . These interventions take place in a sometimes sensitive environment . Operators have great constraints, for example they have to be fast, have a limited number of tools and carry bulky equipment. With HL2 the technician can display 2D and 3D plans in their field of vision of each component of a machine and access all maintenance procedures without having to use a paper format. In an environment constrained by limited movements, HL2 remains little intrusive and space-saving . The operator can navigate the application by retinal movement or voice commands , his hands are thus always available for work. From the HL2 connected to the internet the operator can access a set of data hosted on servers type Azure , Dynamics , Office … Many features improve the use: taking measurements , media display , taking screenshots , sound effects…. In addition, with the software “ Remote Assist “the operator can share the video stream of what he sees to be guided by a remote person . The risk of error is reduced , the intervention safety is enhanced and the quality of work is improved . Airbus has announced the creation of a program to allow Japan Airlines maintenance technicians to train in the maintenance of Airbus planes not available but reproduced in mixed reality. The technicians will be operational immediately upon receipt of the 1st aircraft.

IV- HL2 for marketing

HL2 is also a formidable promotional tool, it highlights the achievements of companies, regardless of the scale of their product. With HL2 we can visit a building before its construction . The user can contemplate a project with multiple viewing angles such as the exploded view or sectional view to bring out the strong points . HL2 makes it possible to present the model of a product to investors, customers or decision-makers. It is possible to view together the same product and to comment on it. HL2 is also a suitable tool for designing a project by exchanging with all the stakeholders. It can show the impact of a project and its integration into the environment. Pax example HL2 can display a bridge, a road or a building on the exact place where it will be located. This advantage makes it possible to judge the environmental and aesthetic impact of a construction or a design. During events such as trade fairs, conventions, HL technology becomes a tool for capture the public’s attention . Its potential fun and interactive is an advantage to highlight for demonstrations of use or to discover items that are difficult to transport or inaccessible . HL2 therefore becomes a demonstrator capable of sublimating an object or a project to arouse adhesion or envy. C3D is already developing commercial models to showcase real estate with the HL1, thanks to the HL2 we will be able to push this practice even further.

V- HL2 for quality control

At the end of the assembly line, technicians must ensure the quality of the product . HL2s can guide the operator through the various control points to be checked on a piece of equipment. Dots displayed through holograms directly on the real object . If necessary the operator can display complementary media : videos, images and pdf . for more information.

The operator no longer has need paper checklist . It can directly in the HL validate that a checkpoint has been realized and that it is conform or not compliant. It can also take a screenshot of a situation and add an annotation. This information can be transferred directly by internet or usb on the operator’s workstation, who can consolidate after his intervention and provide details.

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