ArcelorMittal / S-in Motion

HoloLens and mobile application for sales assistance

Augmented reality application called S-in Motion. Compatible with different platforms: HoloLens and tablets (iOS, Android and Windows), is used by ArcelorMittal (AM) to promote its steel technologies (chassis, doors, seats, etc.) from car manufacturers.

They can discover in AR, through holograms, new steel solutions. Virtual elements are represented at scale 1 to maintain realism at the demonstration.

This new disruptive, interactive and immersive mode of presentation engage AM clients more inclined to carefully discover the products . Lastly AM no longer has the constraint to convey all over the world parts of real vehicles for its demonstrations.

Different functionalities enrich the experience:

  • Collaborative mode : Multiple users , even on different devices, can join a session and interact together with the holograms,
  • Spectator View Mode : Possibility to retransmit the live video stream of the view in the HoloLens using a camera. This feature is particularly relevant for use at trade fairs or conferences,
  • Display of exploded views, animations and product descriptions ,
  • Recognition of markers to superimpose information on real objects,
  • Display of points of interest : documents, videos and images.
ArcelorMittal1 Uai 258x145
ArcelorMittal2 Uai 258x145