PTC Vuforia

AR Plateform for a successful digital transformation

Developed by PTC, the Vuforia solution is a platform of augmented reality softwares for businesses. She participates in the digital transformation of companies, by integrating the concept of gamification of professions , in order to facilitate missions of employees while reducing costs. Market leader, this variety of AR technology software offersdifferent possible use case, depending of the specific business needs.

There are currently 6 Vuforia software : Instruct, Capture Expert, Studio, Engine, Chalk and Spatial Toolbox.

As a proof of our expertise, PTC has chosen Conseil 3D as a partner for its Vuforia technologies. Conseil 3D is qualified to support you in the development and integration of these solutions in order to modernize your business processes.


Ptc Vuforia Instruct Uai 258x166

Transmit instructions to avoid the loss of knowledge and know-how of a specialized trade, from one generation to another.

Capture Expert

Ptc Vuforia Expert Capture Uai 258x166

Give the step by step quality control procedure to make the work faster, safer and more efficient.


Ptc Solutions Vuforia Studio Uai 258x166

Put objects easily in AR (support for all CAD formats), then design, monitor and interact with the product.


Ptc Vuforia Engine Uai 258x166

Visualize and personalize the marketing product through an AR experience, intended for the general public.


Ptc Vuforia Chalk Uai 258x166

Assistance by a remote technician with AR interaction, via video, digital drawings, 3D annotations, in AR for the repair of a factory machine.

Spatial Toolbox

Ptc Vuforia Spatial Toolbox Uai 258x166

Immediate programming of machines and robots in a spatial context (IoT, AR, spatial computing).

Deployment of these new technologies

Today 74% of inspections are done manually, which makes collaboration slow and difficult. With Vuforia Instruct,creating and 3D scaling work instructions is quick and easy.

This solution supports the employee in all stages of the inspection :

  • Context : it recognizes the context;
  • Comparison : it compares the results, and thus identifies flaws in the procedure;
  • Communication : a feedback is carried out, then the information is transmitted to workers;
  • Confirmation : the data collected ensures a constant improvement of the inspection procedure.

Vuforia Instruct greatly improves productivity and reduces costs. It ends dependancy to paper instructions that are slower to ingest. Workers have real-time access to instructions, for more precision and safety .

Vuforia Studio provides all the components necessary for a solution creator to develop an AR experience, without any programming skills or expertise in AR technology.

Vuforia Studio operates for the frontline staff in order to :

  • To guide them in their tasks;
  • Put them in security;
  • Help them visualize complex information;
  • Allow a visual interaction with the context;
  • View IoT data in augmented reality experience.

Vuforia Engine is used to deploy attractive augmented reality experiences in the business world. Multi device, it allows the General public to visualize and customize a product. It is an essential tool in the future of marketing.

  • Ground Plane to attach content to horizontal surfaces in space such as floors and tables;
  • External camera to access video images outside of phones and tablets for AR experiences;
  • Link digital content in the physical world;
  • Promotes the development of creative solutions;
  • Augmented reality experience optimized for each device for high performance application.