Microsoft / HoloConnect

HoloLens and Microsoft Azure for maintenance assistance

The HoloConnect application is a demonstrator compatible with HoloLens to guide maintenance technicians to:

  • Identify the location of a technical anomaly in a building: equipment failure, power cut, leak …
  • Intervene and correct the anomaly .

This project combines several Microsoft technologies : Azure IOT Hub and Mixed Reality .

Sensors placed at different locations in a building provide real-time data : temperature, pressure, equipment malfunction, and so on. These data are viewable from Azure IOT Hub . When the value reported by a sensor is critical (high temperature or pressure, machine out of service) the technician receives a notification.

From the HoloConnect app connected to Azure , he can show 3d model of the building as well as the location of the sensor issuing the alert.

To facilitate the preparation of his intervention he can visualize:

  • the building networks : electricity, water, air conditioning,
  • its sectional view to see the layout of the rooms and the position of sensors .

On site he is 3D guided like on “ Google StreetView ” to the anomaly.

In front of the sensor it can display the intervention procedure in 3D in his field of vision, for example: the 3D operating mode of dismantling, technical documentation PDF, videos, text and images.

Thanks to “ Remote Assist “, he can be assisted by a remote technician who by viewing the video stream of the HoloLens, guides him in his intervention.

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