Framatome / 3D Animated Procedures

3D application for learning maintenance procedures

Conception and development 3D operating modes simulating maintenance operations in industry. The user can watch 3D animation passively, or take the camera control (zooms, movements and rotations) to observe the elements that interest him .

To obtain further information, it is possible to associate the steps of the procedure with technical documents : PDF, videos or images. If the procedure evolves, an editor allows trainers to modify and create , in autonomy, new scenarios .

The operating modes are carried out on the basis of CAD files or 2D plans. They are compatible with PC, tablets or in reality mixed with the headset Microsoft HoloLens . Use case:

  • the assimilation of assembly & disassembly procedures,
  • the maintenance assistance equipment in operation,
  • the interactive training for technical staff.

When used in mixed reality, the operating modes work in collaboration . Several users even on different devices can visualize and interact together on the 3D model.