RTE / HoloPro Training

HoloLens for the training of maintenance technicians

Conception and development of the application HoloLens “RTE HoloPro Training” for train technicians to carry out maintenance ranges .

The procedure dealt with for the project is the replacement of surge arresters in the permutation wells. It’s a dangerous operation for which it is complicated to set up training in the field. The objective for RTE is to be able to train its security teams to repeat the steps of the procedures .

The application is divided into 2 parts:

  • Didactic part : a animated 3D scenario, voiceover and sound effects inform the learner about the operation and usefulness of a surge arrester.
  • Situation : The learner is put in a situation an intervention surge arrester replacement. The places of the intervention (office, workshop, well, etc.) are represented by holograms .

In every place he must select documents, equipment, parts respecting the order of the procedure . It is warned in case of error . If necessary it can activate a visual and sound aid to guide him through the procedure.

In the design phase we carried out site visits to understand the procedure. The 3D modeling was carried out on the basis of diagrams and photos .

RTE1 Uai 258x145
RTE2 Uai 258x145