HoloLens and Azure Remote Rendering for design review

This application of mixed reality allows visualize in 3D the model of railway tracks . This is the T-13 tram which will link St-Germain-en-Laye to Poissy. All the information from the construction site can thus be displayed and understood.

The contribution of 3d and mixed reality responds to business-related issues : dive into the project in detail in order to find inconsistencies and improve them. Indeed, used for the purpose of design and of visualization of the future urban landscape, the application takes into account all the subtle constraints of the terrain . For example, the passage for animals of the nearby forest, the dwellings or the crossing by the golf course are displayed precisely . Users discover and understand the entire project.

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Revolutionary , 3d displayed in mixed reality strengthens the spatialization capacity of the user, who then becomes better aware of the volumes and scale ratios . The designers of the railway thus realized that a wall of the streetcar was too close to a building, or that a plate of glass did not agree with the surrounding cityscape, from an aesthetic point of view. This led to lucid discussions around physical and visual issues. the collaborative work in mixed reality created a very productive effervescence within the team of experts , very different from the classic approach of 2D models.

The high resolution in 3D is necessary to visualize every point and detail of the complex 3 km model in size 1: 1. However, the capabilities of the mixed reality headset HoloLens 2 150,000 polygons alone are not enough to meet this technical need. For this project, Conseil 3D therefore uses technology Azure Remote Rendering (ARR), which increase display resolution up to 15 million polygons.

ARR, the latest service offering from Azure Cloud from Microsoft, expands the possibilities of using the HoloLens 2 helmet . Find more information about ARR in our article.

This project thus combines several Microsoft technologies : Azure Remote Rendering , Spatial Anchor, HoloLens and the mixed reality .

Affichage d'un modèle 3D d'un projet de tram dans HoloLens avec l'utilisation de Azure Remote Rendering
The application has several features :
  • Collaborative mode : see all at the same time the model in a room, and place markers on the map (sharing with 5 people, with HL Manager : multi-live preview)
  • Display of each plot of the model down to the smallest detail (forest, buildings, bridges, railway tracks, signs, etc.)
  • Animated model (train, vehicles, animals, ect.)
  • Possibilities of zoom in and to explore (from 1: 2000 to 1:25)
  • Points of interest : menu with descriptive and visual information to understand local issues (historic buildings, protected forest, golf, etc.)
  • Design : visualize all the constraints of the land, as well as the future urban landscape (for the town hall, engineers, builders, etc.)