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3D application for training

3d solution for the training service station staff: maintenance technicians and reception staff .

This solution, available on PC and tablets (iOS and Android), is integrated into Training courses of new hires. The learners are formed in a way interactive and playful to their future profession. Trainers use this teaching aid to illustrate concretely many technical notions .

Different activities are discussed:

  • Assembly / disassembly fuel tanks,
  • Procedure cleaning the hydrocarbon separator,
  • Operations consignment / logout equipment,
  • Visualization of flows (electric, water, hydrocarbon) under the station,
  • Detection of anomalies : safety, cleanliness and respect for the brand image,
  • Respect for methods welcoming a client.

The learner must put into practice the knowledge acquired. The results to the different activities are transmitted trainers who can adjust their program.

These 3d solutions can be hosted on an LMS for a web use and one skills monitoring .