Spie Nucléaire / RRA012VP

Augmented reality for maintenance assistance

Design and development of an augmented reality app on Microsoft HoloLens. It is intended for the Framatome and Spie Nucléaire teams. Its objective is to demonstrate the potential of this technology to improve the performance of maintenance operations .

The intervention scenario is the replacement of an electrical connector. Thanks to the technology of object recognition the virtual elements are automatically overlap the real ones.

The operator can display the list of connector replacement steps and start the procedure. At each step a 3d animated hologram explains the technical moves to achieve and the tools to use .

The user can also display media : PDF, images and videos.

The application operates with voice command, so that the user can focus on the procedure and carry out technical actions with the real tools .

Another module of the application allows you to display the sectional view on a real pump of the legend of the elements that constitute it and play the animation of its operation.