Ipsen Laboratory / 3D animated movie

3D films and images

Production of films and 3D images in the sectors of health and energy :

  • Animation of workshops to define the objectives, the target the graphic style,
  • Storyboard,
  • Creation of a Animatic to validate the scenario, the rhythm and the sound,
  • Modeling, texturing and animation,
  • Editing and exporting the video.

3D renderings are used to illustrate, for example:

  • The mode of action of a drug,
  • The value proposition of a service,
  • The technical operation of a piece of equipment,
  • The strength of a brand image or a marketing concept.

Realization of 3D renderings to illustrate how cells work.

3d movie for express the advertising promise of a drug.

Extract from a 3d animation used in training to explain a disassembly procedure equipment.