APHP / Serious Game in VR

Serious Game in virtual reality in the medical sector

Nastiron is the name of a Edugame or Serious Game in virtual reality developed with teams from Necker hospital.

The game is mobile compatible and can be used with the virtual reality headset Google Cardboard .

Its purpose is to raise awareness in a fun way young patients with sickle cell anemia good compliance with their therapeutic treatment .

Through 5 organs from the human body to the representation “shifted” graphic , the player must fight the iron[Fe] that attacks its organs. Iron is symbolized by nails, bolts, screws …

To destroy them, he has a whole arsenal of weapons available. When running out of ammo, the player can answering questions about his illness , earn refills. The objective is to alternate the playful phase and the serious phase to associate the notion of play with good adherence to treatment.

This app is acclaimed by the hospital teams. The clinical feedback carried out with young people on the use of this medium to transmit educational messages are very promising .