Virtual reality

Immersion to impact your users

The immersion in a virtual environment allows simulate realistic situations precisely. The user becomes an actor experience. He interacts in a natural way close to the real world.

The cognitive impact on the user is more impactful and promotes a better information retention .

It can be train to the carrying out technical actions and this train in safety Has dangerous situations . It will thus be fully operational Once in the field .

In conception phase of a product virtual reality makes it possible to:

  • Visualize the object from all angles,
  • Limit the production of physical models,
  • Validate the design of a product and its ergonomics,
  • Identify your flaws.

Virtual reality devices are of more and more intuitive and mobile thanks to the launch of devices like the Oculus Quest . These helmets are light and completely autonomous , it is therefore no longer necessary to connect them to a PC. Easily transportable , they can be used in all types of environment .