Interactive 3d

Sell and train differently

Thanks to the 3d , visualize , test and simplify understanding of your project with your contacts and learners.

Your clients , partners or collaborators may project oneself quickly and accelerate their process of understanding and decision.

The interactive 3D representation of an element will make it possible to:

  • Experiment with it during its design and construction,
  • Understand how it works,
  • Highlight its strengths,
  • Simulate dangerous situations,
  • View its hidden parts or display exploded views.

Types of application:

  • Virtual visit,
  • 3D operating mode,
  • Serious Game,
  • Elearning,
  • Configurator.

3D applications are multiplatform : PCs, tablets, smartphones, Web and can be integrate into an LMS for a better knowledge tracking .