Your 3D objects in reality

The application HoloViewer (HV) is a advanced 3D model viewer helmet compatible Microsoft HoloLens (HLs).

This solution sold off the shelf is developed by the teams 3D ADVICE .

Main features

  1. It exists 2 charging modes 3D models in the application:
    – Models are hosted on a server and downloaded at runtime in the application,
    – Models are locally transferred by connecting the HLs to a PC via USB.
  2. Collaborative mode : Several HLs users interact in real time with the same 3D content.
  3. Placement of 3D models in the environment :
    Manual by gestures , several actions are possible: translation, rotation, height and scale,
    Automatic on a positioned marker on the floor or on the wall.
  4. Rule Which allows the user to measure the distances that separate the 3D models from the real environment.
  5. Possibility of carrying out screenshot of sight in the HLs. Catches can be associated with customizable tags (eg: scale problem, clash detected…).


  1. The 3D models are hosted directly on the server chosen by the client, the confidentiality data is preserved .
  2. Models are updated and managed directly by the client on his server. Once the 3D files have been downloaded no connection is required.
  3. Several models can be simultaneously displayed .
  4. Possibility to load Additional data 3D models (animations, visual effects and scripts).
  5. We also supply the PC software with HV “ HoloBuilder ” for prepare your 3D models when viewing in HLs: Scale, position and rotation adjustment.
  6. Of specific business functionalities can be developed according to your needs.

Examples of use cases

  1. Test and validate the conception and design of an element by limiting the production of physical models.
  2. Identify the collisions prior to the installation of equipment.
  3. Compare “ As designed ”And“ As Built ”: Superimpose on a real building during its construction its digital twin for make sure it is compliant .
  4. Develop through holograms an empty space and project oneself in the future environment.
  5. Present a product catalog in holograms to avoid having to physically dispose of them.