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Conseil 3D

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3D visualization Virtual immersion

Visualizing, testing and understanding the specificities of a project is higlhy improved with 3D simulation.

Your clients, partners and employees will be able to project themselves and accelerate their comprehension and decisional process.

3D interactive representation of an element allows to:

  • Experiment it before its conception and construction
  • Understand how it will works
  • See its strenghts
  • Simulate a dangerous situation
  • Show its hidden parts

Our skills:

  • Interactive applications: virtual visit, interactive visit, configurator, product and service experiences
  • Computer graphics: 3D modeling, texturing, animations, CAD data optimization, animated movies
  • Augmented reality.*

*Superposition principle of 2D/3D elements on the video stream of a smart device (smartphone, Google glass...) to enrich in informations real environment.