Augmented and mixed reality

Enrich your field of vision

These technologies allow superimpose on the real of 3D or 2D information . Available since the 1980s, they have greatly matured in recent years. This is in part due to the advent of increasingly efficient smartphones and upon arrival of mixed reality headsets , like the HoloLens , technology on which we are Microsoft partners .

These devices can also operate in collaborative mode : several people, even on different supports type tablets can visualize and interact on the same object .

The uses of this technology are numerous :

  • To guide a technician during a maintenance intervention,
  • To display information through or around real equipment for training or marketing,
  • To contextualize a product catalog in all types of environment,
  • To encourage the user to project himself into a future space,
  • To identify in advance the problems linked to the integration of elements in reality.

The complex procedures become accessible and the time spent on interventions is optimized .

This type of technology can also be interfacing to cloud services to multiply their potential: iA, iOT, Chatbots, Remote rendering

3D ADVICE accompanies you in the realization of your tailor-made projects and the integration ofDynamics 365 for HoloLens solutions: Guides, Layout, Product visualize .

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