30 June 2019

VR is becoming essential for car manufacturers

A few days ago, Jaguar Land Rover announced that it wants to equip its showrooms with virtual reality. The objective is to offer potential buyers a virtual tour of the vehicles, before they are even available ! Thanks to this experience, they will be able to learn about product characteristics , the customization possibilities and options. The operation to invest in virtual reality, which appears to be part of a global strategy of the brand, will be offered at 1,500 dealers , scattered in many countries and twenty languages.

According to DailyNews, Land Rover Discovery is the first vehicle to benefit from the virtual reality experience. Jaguar Land Rover is not the only car manufacturer to see the value of virtual reality. Ford uses its “Immersive Vehicle Environment Lab” to create new vehicles , and which the Journal du Net was able to visit. Indeed, as the manufacturer explains, virtual reality is a technology full of promise to optimize design, productivity and of course to save money .

For its part, Volvo favors augmented reality and works in partnership with Microsoft HoloLens . They consider that this technology makes possible to create new local ties between the brand and its customers. In the future, Volvo would, for example, consider to allow to order a vehicle by setting it up on HoloLens : colors, options, rims …

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